Roman Round 5: Wynn

Sims2EP9 2015-02-02 09-11-16-31

We start another round at the Wynn household and although it turned out to be a very eventful round, things were slow until about mid way through.

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Roman Round 2: Wynn

snapshot_bf8924da_c096123dFirst things first, Fini Dusk moved in to marry Itan Wynn.

While I’ve decided Frond is heir to this family (since his aunt, uncle and cousin only moved in to care for him as a child) he’s proving hard to marry off  so unless I bring him in a CAS sim to marry the household will be going to the children of Fini and Itan.

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Meet the Wynn Family

The Wynn family are the other patrician family. They have a lot of power due to being double cousins to the emperor’s family.


Back: Atan(2), Itan(3), Ira(2)

Front: Frond(3), Lixa(3), Bede(3)

Title Holder: Atan; Heir: Itan

Of note: Frond is actually Atan’s nephew. As the oldest son of the oldest son of the original Wynn family he believes he deserves to inherit the title.

The Wynn family lives in the same house as the Dusk family.