Roman Round 5: Moran

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Aka the household that nearly broke my heart this round. You may remember that last round Fira, Syd and all the other inhabitants of the Moran household apart from Georgios and Kleon died or moved out. Later in the round Fira’s sister Tierce used a genie lamp to resurrect her and she moved back in with her sons.

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Meet the Morans

Jax and Syd Moran are the only survivors from a family of 11 children. A number of circumstances left the brothers too young to care for themselves, orphaned and alone. Their aunt Luna (who was recently widowed) moved in to care for the boys, bringing her youngest son with her. Her younger brother is the emperor although she and her family live a simple life as plebeians.


Standing: Jax(3), Fira(3), Luna(2)

Sitting: Les (3), Syd (3)

Of note: Jax was murdered shortly after this photo while I was playing another household to finish the round.

The Moran family was originally fair with blond hair and dark blue eyes.

They live in the same house as the Fisher family.