Roman Round 5: Fisher 2

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This was what I entered the round to, well not exactly but before the sun was up on the first day grimmie had paid a visit.

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Roman Round 4: Fisher 2

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Last round Daye Fisher turned into a plantsim and then moved out with the quads she had with Trean Dusk.

She lives here in this specially built house. Upstairs is a bedroom while downstairs is a bathroom and a living area. Out the front is her shop.

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Roman Round 4: Fisher

 Last time in the Fisher family while Sandy and Kanan continued growing their family, Amaia turned into a plantsim and had an affair with Trean Dusk which resulted in quads. At the end of the round she moved out with her boys.

Sims2EP9 2014-10-11 15-05-50-79Originally the Fisher family had skin 4, brown hair and green eyes. The hair has managed to stay in the family pretty consistently but the green eyes have become rare with the passing generations. Hopefully by the end of the challenge the original genes will have returned to the family.

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Meet the Fisher Family

The Fisher family had a very difficult go of it in the Neanderthal era. After the second season of the neanderthal era only two members of the family were still alive, widower Dan Fisher and his child son Night. As time went on Dan remarried twice more and lost his second wife as well. After Dan died his grandson Kanan and his wife moved in to help Dan’s widow care for her children. This Fisher family are plebeians.


Back: Kanan(3), Sandy(3), Amaia(2) holding Longina(4)

Middle: Vita(4) with Dovey, Lucia(4), Dan(3)

Sitting: Damaia(3), Morn(3), Daye(3)

Daye is the daughter of Dan and his second wife.

The Fisher family lives and runs their shop in this house.