Roman Round 6: Dusk

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Last time the Dusk family welcomed twins Sergia and Terentius and kitten Nape.

Play chess while you can little children, for there’ll be no fun & games come next era.

Fair warning as I draw closer to the next era pictures and captions will grow scarce.

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Roman Round 5: Dusk 2

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We start this round with an attack of cute courtesy of Amulius. This round was another blitz of birthdays. Yes Valeria was only a baby at the start of this round but shh, I needed a picture for above the cut and this was the best I had.

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Meet the Dusk family

The Dusk family although plagued by bad luck in the last round of the neanderthal era turned out to be one of the richest families. They’re an offshoot from the Fisher family. And named after Night Dusk’s (the founder of the Dusk family) late mother. They took the rank of patrician after the era changed.


Talon(3), Rain(3), Fini(3), Kani(2), Feather(3), Trean(3)

Title Holder: Kani; Heir: Talon

*Note, Feather is pregnant with a baby by her betrothed Blaze Harmon the emperor’s heir.

Members of this family are generally active and outgoing. They live in this house.