Roman Round 3: Accardo

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The second Accardo family 🙂 Last round Moon and his sister Desi moved out to spare his brother’s sanity to make space for their nieces and nephews. They were joined by Moon’s fiance Morn Fisher. All three got the round started by planting some crops.

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Meet the Accardo family.

Meet the Accardo family.  In the beginning of the neanderthal era the Accardo children where orphaned and taken in by the Fisher family. This left the Accardo family poorer than most of the other families and now thanks to an unfortunate even generations ago live as slaves. After his father’s death Oak stepped up to care for his younger siblings.


Back: Moon (3) holding Prisca(4), Oak (3) holding Caius(4), Tierce(3) holding Balbina (4)

Front: Desi (3), Wolf (2), Tiok (4)

Of note: Moon is a werewolf. His father was bitten before his birth and he managed to become master of both wolves the family owned as a young child. I have decided that most supernatural sim types will be hereditary and I will roll to see if a child is afflicted.

The Accardo family lives in this lovely hovel.