Round 5: Caese


It’s been like 6 months since I played this round so please bear with me if I forget who everyone is. Anyway it’s time for the gen 2 sims to start coming of age 😀 hopefully there’s much more drama to come.


Linn finally managed to unlock gardening :D. They get two fruit trees and if all goes well in a few seasons they’ll have garden plots.



Taleh gets together with Ember which is great and all except he’s also a heir -.- I believe he’s a family sim though so if he falls for her and rolls the want to marry/get engaged to her he has the option of leaving his family to move in with her. It’s not like the Edan family is short on heirs at the moment.




Ash looks pretty pissed off at becoming besties with Laleh XD.


Don’t know what this was. 90% sure it was inappropriate.



Taleh and Reef Kai (not a heir but already a baby daddy) got together as well. Great she’s going for all the guys she can’t have. At least they didn’t head straight for the bedroom.


Who me? I had nothing to do with her sudden interest in baskets.



That night Taleh grew into an adult.

What was the first thing she did upon becoming an adult?


Roll the want to fall in love with the father of one of her boyfriends


This was the second thing she did -.- romance sims.


Speaking of weirdness I found this in Linn’s memories. Is Laleh not his kid or something?


No idea what was going on here XD


Aven’s ghost made a brief appearance to scare Lark Rayfe (I think). All in all she’s a pretty well behaved ghost.


Laleh all made over


The trees finally bore fruit 😀


This means they’ve progressed to a proper garden. snapshot_4497d98f_84a5eddd

Ember had his first kiss with Laleh.


Ahh no -.- not again


Luckily Ember was on his best behavior.


Linn and Laleh (heir)


3 thoughts on “Round 5: Caese

  1. It’s great that you are back again. Or have been? Did I miss you? It’s been some time since your last post. ^^’ In either case, I finally had the time to re-read your old posts (because it’s been some time XD) and start on the new ones.

    Yay for fruit trees and gardening. 😀 And also for Aven being a pretty nice ghost, I guess. And, well, it seems like Laleh and Ember would make the better couple here. But I’m looking forward to how cooperative Laleh is in that aspect. 😛

    • Hey! I know I’m crazy late (I did vanish again) .
      I was so happy to unlock something different. I may have made it a little tricky to do. The only person I can remember her scaring is Lark. Possibly trying to scare away someone Laleh views as another potential boyfriend?
      Laleh and Ember should be interesting assuming I ever get around to opening the game again.

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