Round 4: Edan


We start this round with a surprisingly friendly game of catch. A couple playing catch and trying not to murder one another? -.- my game must be up to something.


Ethne received her bronze fishing badge on day one.


And this guy, you know the family heir with six days on his little sister still doesn’t have his. Way to be shown up Ember. He got it the next day but still.


In addition to Ember and Ethne there’s also Keahi




And Ember’s twin Summer.


Can I just say how awesome Storm is, she just shows up and is everyone’s bestie.


Despite not quite being heir material Ember is a real sweetheart. Unluckily his little sister isn’t a big fan of shows of affection.


It’s time for the family to grow once more.


It’s a baby girl.


Her name is Cira.


Tandie: “Aww what a sweet little baby. Honey aren’t you going to come see your daughter? You haven’t handed me a newborn and walked away since…”


…Summer and Ember were born. XD


It’s a boy, his name is Neci.


This family is ruled by girl power it seems, the boys are constantly passing out/being chased by bees instead of catching anything on hunts.


Ember made friends with Laleh.


Cira grew into a toddler


As did Neci.


The kids are so clingy, constantly trailing after papa. It’s sweet and all but it’s one of their main skilling opportunities so I’d rather my tots were more independent.


What is this? Daylight toddler pictures?



See what I mean about the boys?


Flint isn’t as much of a sweetie as his siblings unfortunately.


Keahi grew into a child.


Just in time to welcome his new sibling into the world.


Baby is another girl, Enya.


No-one seems to notice Ethne’s birthday with all the drama. She’s a family/fortune sim. That makes all the teens in this house so far family sims. There’s going to be an explosion of redheads it seems.


The second baby was a boy, his name is Hakan. Four babies sleeping, enjoy it while it lasts.


Fun fact: The reason I went for more elfish features on this family is my redhead family has a long history of nearly wiping themselves out early on. So this time I gave them features I wanted to be rare. At this point I really should know better than to trust my game to follow patterns.


Back: Ethne holding Hakan, Summer holding Neci, Tandie holding Enya

Front: Flint, Ash, Keahi, Ember holding Cira

2 thoughts on “Round 4: Edan

  1. They really don’t look too much like they’ll wipe themselves out for the moment. =P But then again, you never know what’s coming next round. My biggest family (with 10 children) were the Stones, but they’re also the ones who lost the most children until now.

    How far are your adults away from becoming elders? There shouldn’t be too many days left, right?

    • I’ve had something similar happen in my last attempt; biggest family ten/eleven kids in the first few generations and I think three of the kids lived to have kids (and two died before their kids grew up). Hopefully these guys have better luck.

      From memory they should age up early in round six so there’s not long at all.

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