Round 4: Rayfe


Last time the Rayfe family was a mess of child raising and hunting. As Ulta demonstrates, not a lot is set to change in round 4.


Leo grew into a child.


He’s very close to his father.


Robin, the baby of the family soon became a toddler.


With plenty of food for the family Jay started bonding with some of the local wolves.


Loni takes leads her little brothers on daily hunts. Mostly their hunts are successful but sometimes a careless step sends them into poison ivy.


The second fire of the round, thankfully it got put out promptly.


Lark grew into a teenager.

You remember this from the last Edan round?

I’ve played fortune sims in hoods without a concept of money before and let me tell you it’s a blast. Wait… you don’t like sims running around with tanked out aspirations trying to commit mass murder? =P

Much the same can be said for knowledge sims in a world without bookshelves, especially one where I’m not directing sims to skill*

Guess what his aspiration is? Fortune with knowledge secondary. This is going to be eventful I guess.

*Fun fact: if you notice a broken shower in a post this is probably why. It’s the quickest way to have my neat sims scrape together some cleaning points.


I don’t think I ever showed you little Robin all made over? It’s dark but she probably won’t show up again.


It was time for Ulta to have her baby.


It’s a baby girl, named Fawn.


It looks like the family’s set to grow once more and nothing whatsoever happened for a few days


Oops, I lied, Robin did make another appearance as a toddler.


Fawn soon became a toddler as well.


We get to see baby Robin one more time on her birthday. Man, I’m on a roll with remembering what pictures I took today =P


She grew up badly. That outfit’s great and all but they haven’t discovered cloth yet so I sent her to change.


Jay got into some kind of argument with Tide Kai. There are actually a few founders who really hate some of the teens. Should cause some drama when the kids start hitting adulthood.


Time continued to pass and Ulta gave birth to another son Phelan.


And to his twin, Marlon.


Back: Lark holding Fawn, Jay holding Phelan, Ulta holding Marlon

Front: Leo, Loni, Robin


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