Round 4: Asta


After the deaths of Tal, Rain, Breeze and Talor Storm and Sunny were left alone, the Asta family line hanging by a thread. Storm found comfort in a relationship with Linn Caese.


Lark Rayfe came over to visit. He’d obviously heard the stories about Sunny’s involvement with her sisters’ deaths.


Yet he’s completely unconcerned.


Sunny soon grew into a teenager. She’s a romance sim.


You’ll have to wait for the makeover pictures because Storm went into labor.


His name is Shale.



Later that night Sunny had her first kiss with Reef Kai. She doesn’t seem to be too happy about it XD


Soon Shale became a toddler.


-.- at least they waited a few days.


Laleh came over and met her new half brother.


Laleh wasn’t the only Caese visitor. Linn paid Storm a visit.


He also spent some time with Shale.


Sunny soon realized she was pregnant. Storm was very supportive.


Storm too began to show.


Apparantly nothing happened until it was time for the first generation three sim to be born. This baby will (hopefully) bring in the roman age.


Sunny named her son Bavol.


Storm also had a son. His name is Marl.


Sunny holding Bavol, Shale, Storm holding Marl


3 thoughts on “Round 4: Asta

  1. It’s nice to see the Astas (and Caeses) making progress at keeping their clans alive. ^_^

    As Storm’s children with Linn both have Linn’s blond hair, I assume you’re using a mod that changes which genes are dominant/recessive?

    • I’m playing with the standard game geneitcs. After many attempts where recessive hair would practically vanish in the third generation I started messing with the genetics of one founder in each couple. This way I can start with mostly dark haired sims and still have recessives popping up in the third generation. I did the exact same thing with eye colour. It’s great down the track because I always forget which founders had what and get surprise recessives.

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