Round 4: Kai


I finally have some sims who can cook catfish, making feeding my sims much easier =D


The baby of the family, Cove, spends much of his time trailing after his parents, demanding attention.


Tide, the second child has a run of bad hunts and brings home swarms of bees more often than food.


Soon it’s time for Reef to grow into a teenager. He’s watched by his brothers Bo and toddler Cove.


Here he is all made over. He’s a romance sim.


He too doesn’t have the best luck with hunting.


Shell is soon expecting again. As a romance sim she’s not exactly thrilled.


One night Betta, his oldest Sandy and youngest Cove put on a show for the rest of the family.


Despite being the family’s heir Sandy loves to kid around.


With food flowing easily Reef takes the time to befriend this wolf rather than hunting it.


Despite being a romance sim he soon becomes Cove’s main care giver. He’s the only one of the kids to be on good terms with all the others.


Time passes and soon Shell gives birth once more.


Shell named her new son Nerio.


Seems like a great idea considering Betta’s been flirting with aspiration failure ever since Sandy and Tide were born.


Marin ropes Ash Edan into playing with her.


Cove becomes a child.


Okay so I’ve noticed something about tents. Normally if a sim is sleeping and is about to pee themselves/starve to death they’ll wake up. In a tent they won’t so you need to keep a close eye on them.

I’m sorry Sandy =/


Since it’s an object error I had Reef plead.


He was successful, thankfully.


Predictably Shell is soon expecting again.


Nerio grows into a toddler. Reef is seriously a great big brother to all the little ones.


I love the Edans but they’re too friendly for their own good. Ethne stormed onto the lot and tried to play tag with Cove, who wanted no part of it.


*sigh* yet another failed hunt.


Sandy decided to attack Tide for some reason. Low aspiration maybe?


She died in the struggle.


The whole family was distraught. Except for Cove who’s just like “man, I had a sister?”

Tide wants

This death puts a spanner in my plans for Tide as he is now the heir. As she really needs someone to have the next generation with I was planning on having Tide sent to live on her lot as a form of political allegiance. But now that obviously won’t work XD


Soon it was time for Bo and Marin to grow into teens. Marin is popularity while Bo is romance/pleasure.


Look Reef’s friend’s back. He got so close to adopting her this time.


Distracted as I was by the wolf I didn’t notice Tide attack Bo at first. Bo was killed.

-.- he legit just finished his make over.


The whole family including teen Marin (far left) mourned Bo’s death.


In happier news with Marin a teen the family finally had someone with enough logic skills to build a hut =D All in all the hut and new bed cost them 4 pelts and 27 wood. The toddlers and babies have been moved in here.

The basket weaving station, to the left of the door, is something I’ll start using  next round. From now on each household will be given a medium bundle of reeds each round and will need to make their own furniture.


Back: Shell, Betta holding Nerio, Tide

Front: Marin, Cove, Reef


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