Round 4: Caese


We’re back with the Caese family, where only child Laleh lives with her widowed father.


Tide Kai very helpfully stopped by on the first day of the round.

Tide: “Do you ever feel like the Simmer in the sky is throwing us together?”

Shh! You’re not supposed to know about that yet

He’s the oldest non-heir boy so it would be awesome if they got together.


Tide: “And then when our children are grown she’ll make us live in great stone buildings.”



Laleh: Castles! Making us get married! That’s a good one.

That’s much better. No fourth wall breaking allowed.


Sims. At least things didn’t escalate any further.


Really game? I would very much like these ones alive.


Luckily Laleh is awesome and manages to get the fire put out quickly.


Linn wasn’t having such a great time at the start of this round. He was struck by lightning and nearly died.


Luckily things soon picked up for him.


*grumbles* he’s far too aware of my plans.


=( Poor Ember.


Mwahaha strictly speaking I’m not directing sims to skill but if the shower just happens to break and they happen to want to clean puddles all day who am I to argue? Linn is so close to unlocking gardening for me, he just needs a little tiny nudge.


Laleh (heir), Linn

(shh same picture because I forgot to take a new one nothing’s changed)


3 thoughts on “Round 4: Caese

  1. Doesn’t seem too likely that Laleh and Tide end up together? =P

    Do you already know what you’re going to do with Linn’s and Storm’s children regarding their family name? Are they going to be Astas or Caeses?

    • They’re besties in my game these days but nothing else has happened so we’ll have to see.

      Well I’ve been thinking about that and they’re probably going to be neither because they’re related to two of the original families. My nice neat family trees are already messed up XD.

      At the moment the kids are Astas as I’m too lazy to change their last name. In my mind the kids are technically Astas, being born into that clan, but they’re also Linn’s acknowledged children so they’re kind of stuck between the two clans. Ideally I would have both parents and the kids move into either the Caese or Asta lot and be done with it however neither seems likely to leave their daughter behind. When Laleh and Sunny are adults/have a spouse moved in I’ll have Storm, Linn and any children move to their own lot and take their own last name. So the parents will kind of hand off the leadership of the clan to the daughters and then start their own.

      It’s also tempting to just split the kids 50/50 as backup heirs.

      • Just splitting the kids 50/50 would be the easiest thing to do, but propbably doesn’t make much sense story-wise. 😛

        But with what you’ve posted on the MTS thread, giving Linn and Storm their own lot sounds best, I guess. And if Laleh or Sunny die before producing an heir, one of the other children who’s either very close to Linn or to Storm could always step in and take over.

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