Round 1-3: Edan


The Edan family: mum, Ash holding son and heir, Ember, and dad, Tandie, holding Summer.


As the fairest family in the land heat stroke was a constant companion. And I’m not even playing with eternal summer!

I know, I know the rules call for eternal summer and I’m such a rebel 😛

It wasn’t just to save Tandie and Ash that I changed the seasons. I’ve played through neanderthal 3+ times (that I can count) and I wanted to change things up with more of a tropical climate. I’m playing with summer-spring-summer-spring if anyone cares.


As the seasons passed the Edan family continued to grow. Summer (right) and Ember grew into children. They soon had a baby sister, Ethne.


Besties already!


Ethne was soon old enough to chase butterflies.


Mr Wolf does not approve.

Don’t worry Ash soon scared the beast away scoring the family a free hunt. (So they could just fish for a few hours rather than having to hike first).


Ethne won’t be the baby for long. Ash gave birth to Flint, a little boy.


This is one close knit family. I really hope they stay that way. ❤


Laleh Caese comes over and starts an impromptu show with Ethne.


Another son, Keahi soon joined the family.


Back: Tandie holding Flint, Ember (heir), Ash holding Keahi

Front: Ethne, Summer

Yeah I know I didn’t include any other pictures of toddler Flint, teen Summer and Ember or Ethne as a child *is useless* but Ember is a family/pleasure sim while Summer rolled family/popularity.

You may notice all of my teens are getting popularity, family or romance as primary aspirations. I’ve weighted my rolls to make the aspirations that make sense far more likely. As time goes on I’ll loosen up those odds.

I’ve played fortune sims in hoods without a concept of money before and let me tell you it’s a blast. Wait… you don’t like sims running around with tanked out aspirations trying to commit mass murder? =P


4 thoughts on “Round 1-3: Edan

  1. Such a cute family. ❤ And I totally understand being fed up with eternal summer. XD I randomly decided that round 7 would be spring, because I couldn't stand another round of summer. 😛

    • Thanks they may be my favorites ❤ It does get so monotonous when everyone's passed out all the time. Also hiking drives their temperature way up, which makes my hunting system completely useless if someone's the least bit overheated.

  2. That was brutal !_! Insta-death, near dynasty failures! Multiple death matches! And then there was the Edan family just skipping along like pros~ haha 😀 what fun.

    I have a lot of fortune sims tanking ^_^ it’s a nice change (sicko)

    • It was indeed =/ and I was legitimately toying with not blogging for a few rounds because “nothing exciting is going to happen yet” -.- I guess I walked right into this. If I’ve learned one thing from this challenge it’s to NEVER assume it’s going to be smooth sailing. That’s when the game makes things difficult just to spite me.

      Funnily enough the Edan family are still doing really well so it’s looking like my next gen is going to be dominated by red headed sims =D

      Weirdly the very next family I played I had a teen roll Fortune/Knowledge. Really game? Hopefully he doesn’t tank too badly.

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