Neanderthal: Round 1-3: Stats

Please bear with me, I do love me some stats =)

21 sims were born: 10 boys, 11 girls and 4 sets of twins.

The Caese and Rayfe families are the only ones yet to have twins.


2 generation one sims and 4 generation two sims died.

All the generation two sims were children killed fighting with their siblings.

Of the adult deaths one starved and the other died from sickness.

At this point the largest family is the Kai family. The smallest families are the Caese and the Asta families.


As of the end of round three there are:

8 generation one sims: 4 males, 4 females

17 generation one sims: 9 males, 8 females


4 thoughts on “Neanderthal: Round 1-3: Stats

  1. Yay, for stats. 😛 And also for your gender ratio. Let’s hope it stays that way. And yeah, I might just be a bit pessimistic as my gender ratio is currently really bad. XD

    • You’re right to be pessimistic XD there were way more boys than girls born in round four which threw everything out of wack. It’s getting to the point where my founders can’t have anymore kids so there’s no fixing it -.-

      • Oh, that’s not good. =/ But if you’re lucky, you may get enough females at the beginning of the 3rd generation and can pair them off with the younger sims from the 2nd generation. I’ve done that in the past. And you probably, too? 😛

      • I’m not too fussed if it doesn’t even out =) Worst case scenario a few of the sims can not get married or whatever. It couldn’t hurt to not marry some of the kids from the bigger families.

        Marry second and third gens together? That could work. Honestly I’ve done a lot dodgier relationships. Last time I married two gen two sims to a widowed founder and a sim fooled around with two of her (adult) step grandsons.

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