Round 1-3: Asta


Tal and Storm Asta welcomed daughter Rain to the family soon after settling on the island.


A season and a few children later, Tal is claimed by Grimmie leaving Storm alone with three daughters and another on the way.


Chaos ensues.


Rain (far right) was joined by twins Sunny (grey dress) and Breeze (brown dress) in childhood. Storm’s youngest daughter, Talor, grew into a toddler.


With Storm unable to hunt the girls were constantly hungry and in bad moods. Breeze took out her frustration on her sisters. Mostly the fights were little more than squabbles.


Until Breeze took things one step too far and attacked her older sister, Rain.


Rain died in the struggle. Breeze burst into tears over her sister’s body. Was it a show of remorse, or just that: a show?



Storm broke down by her daughter’s body.


Luckily for her Linn Caese came by to offer what support he could.


Driven further into aspiration failure Breeze spends her days lurking behind her twin sister.


Sunny constantly wants to play with Talor. Which is lucky as Storm was still deep in aspiration failure and struggled to find the time to do more than feed or change Talor.



Days passed and soon Sunny was no longer able to ignore her sister’s attempts to attack her.


This time it was Breeze who lost the struggle. With Sunny in a good mood and on good terms with Talor it seemed the family would finally have time to rebuild.


Once more Storm finds comfort in Linn Caese’s arms.


Unfortunately the peace didn’t last and soon after her child birthday, on the way back from their very first hunt, Talor attacked Sunny. Storm knows what fights mean and can’t stomach the sight. Well something along those lines 😉


Sunny managed to fend off her sister’s attack and Talor died in the struggle.


Storm, Sunny (heir)


2 thoughts on “Round 1-3: Asta

  1. Poor family. :< First Rain, then Breeze and just when you think everything settled, Talor grows up and kills his favourite sister. =/

    But yay for Storm feeling ill, I guess? ^_^

    • It was quite a shock for me as well. Unfortunately I just couldn’t keep any of them in green aspiration once the girls started dying and so they were all taking it out on one another =/

      I’m pretty glad it was Sunny who survived given she was the only one not attempting to murder her sisters.

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