Round 1-3: Kai


Shell and Betta became the first sims to have twins when Sandy and Tide were born.


One morning Shell woke to the fright of her life to find her and Betta’s tent had burst into flames while they slept. Luckily both sims escaped with only minor burns.


It seems the Kai family have developed some kind of affinity for fire.


As the seasons pass the family grows and expands. Sandy (middle front) and Tide (front left) were joined in childhood by their brother Reef (front right). Meanwhile Betta and Shell once more have their hands full after Marin and Bo, another set of twins, join the family.


Soon Bo (left) and Marin are toddlers.


Reef loves teasing his little sister.


When they’re not hunting my Neanderthal sims spend time socializing and playing. A favorite game is hitting one another with giant fish. (Pillow fighting default)


Another son, Cove is born.


Back: Shell, Betta, Tide holding Cove,

Front: Bo, Sandy (heir), Reef, Marin


2 thoughts on “Round 1-3: Kai

  1. I really hope Reef isn’t going to learn the hard way that you shouldn’t annoy little siblings, because they’re not staying little forever.

    As it is quite unusual to have twins twice in a vanilla game, I assume you’re using TwoJeff’s triplets & quads, too?

    And another question. =P Do you use the normal maxis aging span? Or a modified one?

  2. So do I. He’s only a few days away from teen hood so he should be okay.

    Yes I do have T&Q however the triplet and quads odds are very low so they probably won’t be popping up anytime soon.

    I use a modified aging scheme that is roughly 1 day=1 year

    Babies – 2 days (to account for the babies born right before 6pm)
    Toddler – 3 days
    Child – 6 days
    Teen – 8 days
    Adult – 32 days
    Elder – ???

    Adult is a little short for my liking and I may extend it a little in later eras but last time I was getting frustrated by how many gen two sims were still adults when I was getting ready to switch over to the dark ages.

    I’ve also been shortening pregnancy to two days because I like siblings to be close together in age.

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