Round 1-3: Caese


In their early years together Aven (left) and Linn (right) welcomed little Laleh into the family.


Linn’s whole life changed when Aven succumbed to sickness while pregnant with their second child.


He was left sick, devastated and unable to leave camp with a toddler to care for.


Sleeping on a wood bench, a little known cave sim cure for the flu.


Years pass and Laleh becomes a child. All hope for the continuation of the Caese family rests on her shoulders. As soon as she’s walking Laleh is off learning to hunt with her father.


It’s a steep learning curve and it was some time before she was catching anything edible.


Linn meets Storm Asha, a recently widowed sim who lives nearby.


Somehow things didn’t seem so bleak after meeting Storm.


From that day onward Storm became a fixture in their lives.


Time continues to pass and soon Laleh is a teenager, old enough to go hunting on her own.


Left to right: Laleh (heir), Linn


2 thoughts on “Round 1-3: Caese

  1. So, Linn actually pleaded for Aven’s life and lost? Poor guy. =/ But it’s good to see that he and Laleh managed to survive until now. And somehow I’m pretty certain Laleh isn’t his only child? =P

    • Yes he pleaded but was unsuccessful. A part of me was happy that he failed because saving a sim from the brink of death isn’t something that should happen every day but then again it would be nice to not have a family nearly wiped out in the second round,

      At this point she actually is his only child. Aven died before they could have any more. But hopefully it won’t stay that way for long =P

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