A New Beginning

Sims2EP9 2016-07-17 17-38-07-55 (Copy)

Alas due to hood corruption I’m not sure how much longer my beloved Roman hood will last. Join me as I venture back to the Neanderthal era to try and guide five new families to the modern age.

Sims2EP9 2016-07-21 14-29-42-37 (Copy)

This is the starter lot for all five families. Some notable features are

1x BV tent, for adults to sleep in, additional tents will be earned through hunting

1x deco tent (protected by invisible walls and floor) for babies and toddlers

2x berry bushes

1x choppable tree

A pond for fishing,

A swimming pool for cooling off sims


One of the big things I’m doing this time round is implementing my own hunting system. When families are able to fish whenever it becomes really easy to keep them fed.Call me cruel but I don’t like my sims to have things that easy.

How it works is a group of sims heads out on a hike. If the hike is successful (they meet a sim, meet a pet, bring home an object, catch a bug, spot a bird or are followed home by a skunk) all the sims in the hunting party are directed to fish. If any of the sims are still fishing in three hours time I will cancel the interaction.

Also if an animal (wolf, dog, cat or skunk) heads onto the lot a single sim can fish for three hours if they manage to chase it off without being growled at, sprayed etc.

So far this system is working really well. I’ve finished the third round of play and even in families who are sending out four sims hunting every day they only have a few edible fish at any time. They do have the berry bushes to fall back on if they can’t hunt/aren’t being very sucessful. So far I’m loving the extra level of difficulty in feeding them well.

I’m also going to be gradually introducing features that will be available in the Roman era. I haven’t developed a proper system for unlocking new levels of technology yet but there will definitely be some kind of progression.


6 thoughts on “A New Beginning

  1. As I already mentioned on MTS, it’s nice to have you back. I’m really looking forward to your posts. Especially since there seems to be a lot going on already, if I go by what you posted on the ToT thread. XD

    • Thank you. There’s definitely a lot going on, if only I’d been on top of it enough to take lots of pictures, but I suppose that’s what I get for assuming nothing interesting is going to happen for a few rounds.

  2. This looks AMAZING. It makes me want to go build a Neanderthal Hood just to play around with it for a bit… haha XD I mean no! Who would do that?! *cough* I plan to have a “neanderthal” kind of themed era at the opposite end of the challenge, for a change, if I get there… that’ll be new huh! Something to look forward to 😀 I’m going to get to know your simmies now see you soon~

      • Ummm…. (wonders what her original plan was now) it took me a while to figure out a long term plan but I guess not exactly? My second Era is called “The Scorch” because it’s an endless summer, it’s a lot simpler but as they are coming out of a Modern Era I figured they still had enough stuff lying around that it wasn’t exactly stone age, but I’ll explain it in more detail when I get to updating. After that it’s an “Ice Age” and then we have some random Gods and Goddesses interfering with the world based on the Ancient Greece addition before I get to the Roman Era and carry on as normal for a bit from there 😀

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