End of Roman Round 5: Statistics and Ramblings

No pictures this time so bear with me.

So that was the third to last round of the Roman Era. Exciting isn’t it?

Statistics and ramblings are under the spoiler.

Fern Wynn is now a teenager with like eleven days to adult. Which is over two rounds. Since it’s one day extra I’ll be playing through round six and seven and then change the era when Fern is one day to adult.

I’ve been shortening the teen and adult lifespans over the last few rounds so from now on adults and teens will not stick around quite so long which will be good. I’ll still have gen two sims around in the dark ages but hopefully not so many of the older generation threes in the Renaissance.

This coming round will have no marriages. Which is weird considering I’ve had marriages every round since the oldest gen two sims became of an age to marry so it’s a little jarring. I’ll be making up for it in round seven though with probably eight or more marriages. Yikes, that shall be interesting but it will swell my number of households which can’t be a bad thing with the death and destruction fun and games I have planned for the Dark Ages.

Speaking of the Dark Ages I’m still building for the next era and should hopefully have everything done by the end of round seven. This time everyone will probably be getting a unique house which will be more fun to play but also more time consuming to build and furnish.

Onto the statistics.

We now have 88 sims living in the hood. Which makes it seem like I miscounted last round. We’re nearly at double digits and when the current crop of nearly marriageable sims start having babies we should hit 100 sims easy.

By Gender
Male 50
Female 38

The gender gap is widening very quickly which means a lot of boys may find it hard to marry in a few rounds time.

By Age
Baby 6
Toddler 8
Child 29
Teen 18
Adult 24
Elder 3

We have a large number of kids and teens at the moment. Three elders is about the most I’ve ever had in this hood and that number should keep increasing. Depending on their survival rate the current kids might make the population explode a little when they become adults.

By Generation
2 6
3 19
4 48
5 15

Over 10 generation 5 sims? Yay *parties*. By the end of round six all my gen two sims will be elders and gen two and gen three are no longer growing (well with one exception).

Number of Families
Patricians 5
Plebians 4
Slaves 5
Total 14

Not what I wanted at all. Ideally there should be lots of plebians and slaves not similar numbers of everything. There will be a few more households by the end of round seven. It should be 15 households but I lost one this round so the number has gone down for the second time ever. The first time was when the Accardo children and toddlers were orphaned in the neanderthal era and had to move in with the Fisher family.

On average families have 6.3 members. Sounds about right considering all the new offshoots and smaller families.

Sickness 5
Fighting 4
Old age 1
Total 10

We had ten deaths this round which is the same as last round.

As always realistic sickness takes first place in the death toll. We were doing so well with only two sickness deaths until the Crespo family which bumped the number right up. It’s smaller than it has been in the past.

There was a fair few fighting related deaths this round as well (last round their were only two). There were a few more fights with no fatalities as well.

Most notably Daedra died of old age being the first gen two sim to reach their end of their lifespan in this hood.

Male 9
Female 4
Multiples 2
Total 13

This round we had 13 births and two sets of multiples. One was a set of twins but the other, Pelagia and Tiok Accardo’s triplet girls are my favorite birth of the round. Without those three there would have been just ONE girl born this round, not helping my gender gap and as many deaths as births. I’m very proud of those little triplets for evening things out.


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