End of Roman Round 4: Statistics and other ramblings

So that was round four. It’s actually been done for awhile, I just couldn’t find the time to update. The dark ages are looming on the horizon.

Sims2EP9 2014-10-07 15-02-31-55

My oldest generation five sim, Fern Wynn, pictured as a toddler above, is now a child set to grow into a teen on the last evening of round five. Since my teen stage is now eleven days long (I’m gradually shortening it) she will grow into an adult and start the dark ages one day into round eight. To make things simpler I will probably change the eras over at the end of round seven or grow her up a day early.

Sims2EP9 2014-11-20 13-25-50-64

With the dark ages so close I have started building. Pictured left to right we have an apartment for a vassal and serfs, the castle for my monarch and two houses for my viking families. As for who will have each rank that is still to be decided in round seven. I know how I’m working it out but even I have no idea who it will be yet.

As I build more houses in-between households keep your eyes peeled for information on housing and community lots. I’ll be posting about roman lots as well as the dark ages lots.

Onto the statistics!

Deaths: 10

As the plague continued to sweep through my hood I lost eight sims to sickness. Another two died fighting including Ponticus Crespo, the first Colosseum death.

Births: 16

Seven baby girls and nine baby boys were born in round four. Included in this number are two sets of twins and Les and Rain Wynn’s triplets.

Number of families: 13

Average family size: 6

As of the end of round four I have five patrician families, four plebians and four slave familes. The emperor and his family are counted as patricians for the purposes of this post.

I expected a larger average family size since most of my families seem to be bigger than this. I suppose a few smaller families like new offshoots and families who have nearly died out *cough*Morans*cough* are bringing the number down.

Sims: 78

Males: 40

Females: 38

For some reason I was under the impression that I had an overabundance of girls, but I guess not. I’m pretty sure the ratios have evened themselves out lately.

Babies: 7

Toddlers: 7

Children: 27 (uh what?)

Teens: 14

Adults: 20

Elders: 3

So many kids but thinking about it it does make sense. I suppose my population is due to explode when the current kids start marrying.


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