Roman Round 4: Wynn

The Wynn family were originally fair with brown hair and dark blue eyes. Since there are so many sims running around with brown hair and dark blue eyes they should have no problem when it comes to returning to those genetics.

Sims2EP9 2014-10-07 15-01-09-03

Like so many other rounds this one starts with some new arrivals. Charmion Bolivar (the child) moved in to work as a servant while Vita Wynn (who was married to Itan’s cousin Frond briefly last round) has moved in to marry Itan. Her daughter Fern will count towards their four mandatory children.

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Roman Round 4: Harmon

I’ve decided to try and have each family stick as close as possible to the hair colour, skin tone and eye colour of their founders. The heir of each of the main families will try to marry to keep the family line as close as possible to the original.

Sims2EP9 2014-09-13 13-40-54-15

The Harmon founders (and all their children) had dark skin, dark hair and pale blue eyes. Daedra here is the oldest sim in my hood, she was the second born generation 2 Harmon sim which means she’s been around since round 2 of neanderthal. Wow. If she lives that long she will be the first born in game sim in this hood to die of old age Continue reading