Start of Round 4

Sims2EP9 2014-09-08 15-35-45-91

Yeah so this is my Test of Time hood. Down at the front are slave houses and the community lots for the slaves and plebeians. Up to the right are the plebian and patrician homes. The big one is apartments for any future plebeians. Up the top of the hill is the emperor’s palace, the baths for rich sims the unfinished temple of the illogical penguin (don’t ask it’s a long story) and the Colosseum. 

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Roman Round 3: Accardo

Sims2EP9 2014-09-07 16-02-50-06

The second Accardo family 🙂 Last round Moon and his sister Desi moved out to spare his brother’s sanity to make space for their nieces and nephews. They were joined by Moon’s fiance Morn Fisher. All three got the round started by planting some crops.

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Roman Round 3: Fisher

Well turns out I’m an idiot and managed to lose half the pictures from this round. A lot happened in those last few days but you’ll just have to deal with the info dump at the bottom of the post. Sorry about that.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 18-23-01-46

Amaia keeps inviting Kanan, who happens to be her step grandson to woohoo with her. She’s only a few days older than him so it’s not that weird right? Don’t answer that…. He’s able to be so close to her in age as she was married to a generation 1 widower after the death of his second wife. Kanan is the eldest son of the eldest son of said Widower while Amaia is the youngest generation 2 Harmon sim.

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