Roman Round 3: Wynn 2

Like the second Dusk family the second Wynn family is an offshoot. Rather than move out separately and one of them live in the small, cramped, Plebian housing Frond and Bede Wynn decided to move out together with their betrotheds so they could get to know them before they get married at the start of next round. Both their betrotheds are too young to get married (only around 11)

First up let’s introduce the family members.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 13-57-40-93 

This is Dan Fisher. Her parents were a gen 1 widower and a gen 2 sim making her technically a gen 3 sim and a gen 2 sim. She’s the youngest gen 2 sim in my game, born a few days after the last founder died. She used to live in the Fisher household but because it was so crowded I opted to move her out with Vita and Lucia. She’s cousins with Frond and Bede. My notes say she’s betrothed to Tiok Accardo but he’s her nephew so that won’t be happening. She’s the great aunt to Vita and Lucia as her oldest brother is their grandfather. Complicated much?

 Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 13-57-49-03 

Frond Wynn, one of the prettiest Wynn children. He was supposed to be the Wynn heir but his aunt and uncle decided to kick him out and let the house go to his cousin Itan. He’s a patrician by birth and a generation 3 sim. His betrothed is Vita Fisher but this is subject to change depending on what I decided to do with Itan. See Roman Round 3: Wynn for more details.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-07-41-14

Like his cousin Frond, Bede is a generation 3 sim and a patrician by birth. He has a tentative betrothal with Lucia Fisher. His greatest achievement to date is being the first sim in this hood to get fat. In the neanderthal era I made everyone fit with the simblender and since then most sims have been keeping active. Not Bede apparently.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-00-01-36

Lucia (left) and Vita (right) are twins and generation three sims. They come from a plebian family. For some reason despite having Fisher and Moran blood they have the Wynn nose. This is probably because at the start of the challenge I imported sims from my last challenge to use as my founders. It is possible that one of the Moran or Fisher founders was the child of a Wynn sim and had the nose as a recessive. How I hate that nose and it’s ability to survive against all odds but hey it adds character to my sims I suppose.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-09-14-28

This was literally the first thing to happen when I entered the lot. She’s 11. Sure I had him check her out once when I was deciding who would marry who but this? Perhaps he’s afraid his little cousin will steal his betrothed as well as his title?

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-09-34-43  Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-14-03-29 Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-14-19-81 

There we go, finally doing something more age appropriate.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-17-16-00

Bede doesn’t have as easy a time with the ladies as his cousin or brother do, poor thing.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-18-48-77

Then I noticed Vita wandering away towards the bedroom.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-19-07-22

And then she proceeded to do this.

Luckily Frond managed to get stuck in the bathroom so nothing actually happened but I was hoping not to have any pregnant twelve year olds….

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-20-18-44

Iovis came over, he’s in a pretty good mood considering he lost his sweetheart last round.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-20-52-47

Then this happened.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-23-33-75

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-23-48-68

Thankyou ACR. Of course she got pregnant. This is the last time I move couples in to “get to know” each other before the wedding.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-22-19-10

They’d spoken once before moving in together. They went from acquaintances to bed in less time than it took for the welcome wagon to show up.

 Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-24-07-47

Luckily Bede is far better behaved, he just sits quietly and paints.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-24-23-01

Apparantly a sim’s great nephew is fair game when it comes to romantic interactions. Iovis is Dan’s great nephew but romantic interactions are fair game for them. Dan might end up betrothed to Iovis depending on whether I want him to marry Desi Accardo.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-33-29-71

Vita got new clothes because all the girls have variations of the same dress. Frond’s reaction is priceless.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-33-35-57

Frond: “Why does she have to wear clothes?”


Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-42-03-32 Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-42-13-22

I made sure everyone was well behaved when it came to sleeping arrangements.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-43-13-36

Dan is mostly here to make the overcrowded Fisher household bearable cook and clean for the rest of them.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-43-28-07

Tub piracy. I can never get over how funny the animations are.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-44-08-53 Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-44-26-05

Or the rock paper scissors for that matter. It’s practically the end of the world whenever a sim loses.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-50-43-76

Some of the Harmon kids came over after school one day.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-51-35-36

Bump! Even though Vita’s too young to get married in my game since she’s showing (or she would be with maternity clothes) I’ve decided to do a shotgun crossbow? wedding.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-51-40-17

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-52-27-43

Rominus’s face is priceless. Dan waited patiently.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-52-39-77 

So she could tear poor Rominus to pieces.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-55-19-30

Lucia’s reaction is much more appropriate.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-56-23-32

They’ve just witnessed the death of her brother so why does Nexa only look mildly disappointed? I’m happy with this outcome, I’m trying to even out the rankings and every subsequent son of the emperor who dies is one less Patrician household to manage.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-57-27-55 Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-57-32-12

I’m terrified.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-58-21-70

Dan has now murdered two people, Vita and Lucia’s younger sister and now Rominus, this makes her even more dangerous to mess with.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-58-39-28

Neat sims.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-58-51-58 Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-59-04-68

I’m honestly surprised at how many people cared.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-59-19-65

When Frond got home from work his reaction was priceless. Wave to Daedra,

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-59-27-29

Think about how hot his wife is.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 14-59-51-97 Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-00-01-67

And announce his promotion.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-03-57-85

However it was soon time for the wedding.

What kind of  a shotgun wedding is one where the groom’s mother and the bride’s great aunt don’t lose it?

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-05-57-21

And of course aspiration failure is so much more interesting than a wedding.

 Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-07-09-80

Even the bride and groom agreed.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-09-22-50

You of all people? Okay.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-12-10-01 Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-12-14-02

Why not try for two murders? I’m pretty sure one of these two will murder the other before too long. It’s only a matter of time after Nexa’s an adult.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-12-18-56 Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-12-22-73

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-12-37-28

Les Wynn breaks up the slap fest by talking about skulls. Nexa’s enthusiasm scares me.

 Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-15-57-05

Dan wanted a puppy so I adopted Curly *is so original with names* to pull her out of aspiration failure.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-16-05-38

Isn’t he cute. Regarding dogs and cats they can adopt them this era but after that they’ll have to mostly breed them themselves.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-22-56-87

Let’s just hope she has better luck than his last sweet heart.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-23-15-79 Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-23-32-64


Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-25-22-64

Bede as well as Lucia and Dan are bi so this isn’t unusual.

  Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-33-37-08 Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-33-40-26 Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-33-42-77 Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-33-45-27 Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-33-56-63

Aww 😦 They were such a cute couple too but maybe he just wasn’t ready to move on from Lixa. Yeah let’s go with that.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-35-21-62

The werewolves came home from school with one of the kids. I like the Accardos I just can never remember to send them home before they turn.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-35-38-06

Moon isn’t the friendliest sim…

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-36-31-46

What? Nooooooo! Not Frond. He was one of my favorites :/

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-37-18-33 Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-37-42-62

Bede arrived too late to save him….

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-38-51-57

Another of my favorites bites the dust.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-40-44-18

Vita was too busy cheating at chess to even notice.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-41-36-29 Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-41-40-70

Within moments of Frond’s death she went into labor.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-41-52-68 Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-42-23-22

The babie’s first thought was of her aunt….

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-42-28-02 Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-43-42-83

Meet Fern.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-49-40-13

No one batted an eyelid at the werewolves transforming.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-49-51-37

But everyone freaked at Dan’s lack of clothing… really game?

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-50-27-42

And then this. Your betrothed is right there.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-54-32-68

Bede finally makes friends with one of the girls. About time.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-55-27-91

Arguing over cheese. Seems legit.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 15-56-01-83

That’s just mean :/

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 16-06-36-82

Fern grew up.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 16-12-02-12

Lucia (3), Bede (3),Vita (3) holding Fern (4), Dan (3)

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 16-13-33-61


Next round Vita and Fern will move in with the original Wynn family. Vita will marry Itan which solves his lack of potential spouses.


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