Roman Round 3: Wynn

Ok so a word of warning this update is looong and some of the pictures are kind of shoddy but I did start using a picture taking program so the pictures are bound to get better. Please excuse the pause lines in the first few pictures.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-16 13-19-37-88

The Wynn family despite being the third richest family couldn’t find the money to pay their bills at the start of this round.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-16 13-25-30-39Sims2EP7 2014-08-16 13-25-39-42

They did find the money to buy a tub to wash their dog who’s name escapes me because he stunk.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-16 13-26-02-29

Sims2EP7 2014-08-16 13-26-56-76Sims2EP7 2014-08-16 13-26-59-18     

 Most of my sims are really playful so this is nothing new.

  Sims2EP7 2014-08-16 13-27-01-62Sims2EP7 2014-08-16 13-27-12-88  Sims2EP7 2014-08-16 13-27-22-97

Of course putting soap in a fountain is absolutely hilarious when you’re forty and own said fountain.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-16 13-27-33-65

Now this is the strange bit. When they composed themselves, Atan and Ira gave each other this look.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-16 13-28-27-22

They proceeded to the study for some woohoo on the sofa.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-16 13-28-57-50

It took them a really long time to work out it was occupied.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-16 13-29-17-13

“Uh bye mum.”

Sims2EP7 2014-08-16 13-31-43-85 Sims2EP7 2014-08-16 13-31-29-71  Sims2EP7 2014-08-16 13-30-56-98

Eventually they found an unoccupied bed. Well done.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-16 13-31-16-79 

“Nice weather we’re having.”

Sims2EP7 2014-08-16 13-31-26-04

Sims2EP7 2014-08-16 13-34-40-87

I think she should have been a romance sim instead of a family sim sometimes.

 Sims2EP7 2014-08-16 13-33-41-67

Fini actually played with Theodora. Ideally she and Itan should have two or three kids by now but how terribly neglected Theodora normally goes made me give them a break.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-16 13-33-33-91 Sims2EP7 2014-08-16 13-33-46-95

But for once she wasn’t sleeping on the floor.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-16 13-41-41-53

It might have had something to do with the fact that it was her birthday.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-16 13-42-31-28 

Hopefully she gets the Dusk features rather than the Wynn features. Lixa’s nose is a prime example of why I’m regretting not taking the time to make prettier founders.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-16 13-51-56-35

After her birthday Theodora was promptly forgotten about again.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-16 13-52-24-80

I can’t bear to watch.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-16 13-52-31-91 Sims2EP7 2014-08-16 13-52-27-51   

The kicky bag animations are the best. Anyway Lixa brought Pelagia over after school. Lixa needs more friends to I overlooked the whole slave/patrician thing.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 09-39-26-00

Those are her teeth you can see. Stuff like this doesn’t exactly give me much hope for her future looks.

 Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 09-43-30-59  

So the camera zoomed to Fini who was cheering for some reason.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 09-44-02-94

It wasn’t until she got changed that I found out why. She was pregnant. Hopefully this baby is a boy so they only have to have one more and hopefully this baby isn’t as neglected as Theodora.

 Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 09-57-55-57

“Since you’re a grandmother and all shouldn’t you be old by now?”

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 09-58-07-42 

I kind of have the impression these two have a very cordial relationship. It may have something to do with the way Atan stares at Fini and heart farts her. They don’t hate each other but I never got the impression they got along particularly well.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 09-58-16-78

Fini: She’s never going to die is she?


Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 10-04-21-75   

Lixa found herself a potential love interest in Iovis Crespo. He’s a slave and all but since Lixa has no marriage prospects I’d feel bad not letting her have any fun.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 10-04-17-71

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 10-05-37-99Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 10-13-23-69

Plus they’re kind of cute super adorable.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 10-14-19-10

It didn’t take long for them to share their first kiss. 

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 10-14-07-25

Meanwhile Fini continues to feel the affects of her pregnancy.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 10-17-04-66

I just love this picture of them 🙂

 Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 10-19-47-25

Soon the young lovers were moving on to less innocent things.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 10-20-16-88

Her immediate reaction. She ate some bad food but it’s still pretty funny.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 10-18-16-29 Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 10-18-30-87 

I love my werewolves but I keep forgetting to send them off the lot before they turn. It tanks everyone’s aspiration and fills their wants and fears with werewolf related stuff.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 10-21-37-27

I went to check on Fini to find this. She had a cold but I didn’t expect her to die from it but realistic sickness does that.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 10-24-03-28

Fini was one of my favorites (and she was pretty) and Itan needs a heir (he has no other marriage prospects) so I sent him to plead for her.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 10-24-08-64

But he was too late. RIP Fini 😦

 Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 10-24-22-27

Most of the family was suitably distraught. Of course no one consoled little Theodora.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 10-25-38-96 

Kani who was visiting and Aqua (is that the dog’s name?) were also very upset.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 10-25-52-02

Even Iovis shed a tear for his lover’s sister in-law (who may have been his aunt or something). But Ira didn’t bat an eyelid.

Little did she know this blow was the first of many tragedies.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 10-55-26-08

Lixa’s food poisoning was far worse than anyone knew and she too succumbed to sickness.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 10-57-09-82  Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 10-57-12-32

Aqua asks for comfort in this difficult time bu he was pushed away.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 10-57-21-41

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 10-57-49-08

RIP Lixa.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 11-00-30-84

Atan broke down several times the following night.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 11-00-52-66

The need drop after the death of her daughter and daughter in law caused Ira to lose a baby I didn’t even know she was carrying. In a perfect world she would have carried the baby to term and perhaps he would have more chance of marrying and continuing the family line than his brother.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 11-02-06-45 

Ira was sent plummeting deeper into aspiration failure.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 11-05-17-93

This damn near broke my heart. Evidently not having heard the sad news, Iovis dropped off a rose for Lixa.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 11-06-57-69

But life goes on. That night Theodora left toddler hood behind.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 11-07-14-04 

Despite the recent losses, Theodora looks to the future with optimism.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 11-07-18-53

She did grow up badly but at least she was putting a brave face on things.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 11-13-40-01 Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 11-11-32-38

After a makeover, Theodora seems to have much more Fisher in her than Wynn.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 11-08-41-58 

And who knows, perhaps their will be a new baby soon after all.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 11-04-23-84

When the new day dawned it was the last day of the season. As per my rules the family could eat grandma’s comfort soup to cure them of any ills.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 11-04-36-27

As Ira pointed out they didn’t need anymore deaths. Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 11-13-40-01

As a birthday present Theodora was given a puppy named Puppy. Hey names aren’t my strong point.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 11-14-18-66

Itan starts spending much more time with his daughter.   Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 11-20-25-99

Soon Itan has his birthday. He feels far older than a new adult after his recent losses.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 11-21-55-22

Here he is after his makeover.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 11-27-07-74

With that we end the round.

Back: Atan (2), Ira (2)

Front: Theodora (4), Itan (3)

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 11-29-11-26 


Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 11-29-25-93

And Puppy.

Note: After playing this round I was unsure what to do about Itan and his heir. Thankfully I now know everything works out for him.


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