Roman Round 3: Dusk 2

This family is the second Dusk family. At the end of the era all non founder families will have their names changed but for now move-outs have the same name.

Trean Moved out with Shell Harmon so they can start a family. They’re the first of the transition class between plebians and patricians made when a patrician’s second son moves out. The third and subsequent sons if they exist will be moved into traditional plebian housing. Patricians are lucky as they may call in favors to have the houses built and furnished for their children.

The extra plebian households will have to be set up by their family. If the family can afford to set them up in the standard plebian house they will otherwise they will be set up in a smaller, cheaper lot. If they cannot afford that they will be sold into slavery or have to stay at home. A family can sell younger family members to secure a home for their older children. Subsequent children will likely get worse houses.

All slaves will have the same living conditions.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 12-37-59-21

So this is the house. It’s far better than the traditional plebian house but not quite as luxurious as the patrician housing.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 12-41-55-35

Trean and Dusk spent some time socializing before their wedding.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 12-42-35-35 Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 12-42-37-74 Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 12-42-40-94

After a very short engagement the couple moved over to the wedding arch to be married.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 12-45-05-70

Since Trean is Kani’s sixth child to be married she fulfilled her LTW. I haven’t been actively trying to fulfill LTWs so she’s the first sim in this hood to have it maxed.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 13-03-09-90

After the ceremony the couple moved to have some adult fun.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-15-30-52

They’re a bit of a strange couple. Shell is very nice and very shy while Trean is very outgoing and mean.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-16-17-29 Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-16-34-18

Poor Shell she’s too nice to throw the ball at his face but that doesn’t stop him from doing it to her.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-17-25-94

Luckily Diego Crespo turned up to distract them. He’s Trean’s older brother, sold into slavery to cement their family’s ranking at the start of the era.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-17-49-45

But as soon as he’s finished greeting his brother he’s at it again.

Β  Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-24-52-85

“So I hear you were married little brother.”

At this point I realized Diego wasn’t invited to the wedding….

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-28-00-87 Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-28-06-37 Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-28-25-78

They’re the two funniest sims to play chess. Trean kept cheating and I swear I kept seeing Diego look back as he was moving the pieces but then not react at all, as if he was letting him do it.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-28-31-98Β  Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-28-37-32

But then Diego is just as bad.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-28-42-45 Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-28-45-12

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-28-48-68

But it’s Trean who’s a hypocrite.Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-29-02-33 Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-29-05-98 Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-29-35-95 Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-29-40-75 Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-29-43-60

Like I said, a terrible hypocrite. They kept cheating and getting caught for hours on end. Silly sims.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-30-17-56

Ira, Shell’s aunt came over to visit. These two are much more civil than Trean and Diego.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-33-39-60 Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-33-44-27

Despite their differences they do love each other.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-37-08-38

First bump! Yay for a baby.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-37-50-66

Silly Townie.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-43-20-32

Yeah they got a kitten.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-43-48-61 Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-44-05-75

More of Shell’s aunts paid her a visit.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-45-45-16 Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-45-49-53 Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-46-04-43

Seems like an appropriate conversation….

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-47-17-38 Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-47-19-56 Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-47-29-79

Good way to kill time before dinner I suppose.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-47-47-41

He stopped messing around just in time to notice the stove was on fire.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-48-07-49

He managed to get it under control.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-48-58-55

I swear if another fire get’s started because you’re too busy admiring one another to get that spaghetti…

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-54-39-53

Second bump. I wish I had teen maternity clothes for this era.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-55-26-33

They threw a party for Trean. I suppose the upper classes should be having more parties even though I’ve been slack lately.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-56-02-26

Tiok kept attacking Rain. I was terrified it would escalate so I kept sending Trean to break it up.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-57-32-54 Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 15-58-33-49

Kani won the race to play with the kitten. It was all anyone wanted to do at the party.

Β  Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 16-01-28-59 Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 16-02-12-45 Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 16-02-21-16

Tiok turned his attention to Trean when he got in the way one to many times.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 16-03-52-03

Luckily they weren’t the same age for long.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 16-05-38-37 Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 16-05-48-03 Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 16-39-39-94

He didn’t change much.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 16-40-38-83

I’m just going to leave this here.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 16-48-18-28 Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 16-48-53-77

Baby time!

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 16-49-06-65 Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 16-49-32-55

Meet Amulius

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 16-49-39-91 Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 16-49-43-96

“AH! Baby on the floor!”

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 16-50-03-95 Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 16-50-16-90 Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 16-50-32-59

and Aetius, another set of twins.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 16-55-11-62 Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 16-55-42-76

Here they are with some new clothes. Ok these babies are really exciting for me. Trean is a Dusk kid so he has his mother’s recessive blonde hair but Shell has no relatives with recessive hair. The babies have their hair colors because of the recessive red hair of Shell’s Wynn grandmother. Recessive genes are finally making the genetics interesting.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 17-02-50-40 Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 17-02-59-09

They wasted no time working on number 3.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 17-03-39-27

There is so much wrong with this picture. Punching the air above your son’s crib while picturing your wife.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 17-05-36-38

Trean does love his sons and couldn’t wait for another child.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 17-10-14-73 Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 17-10-56-92

The twins grew up.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 17-13-17-22

Shell was soon showing again.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 17-14-38-31

Both the visitors were too busy playing with Amulius to pay Aetius any attention. Amulius is also both his parents’ favorite.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 17-16-08-27

I see a repeat of the Theodora situation here.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 17-16-23-44

Except with two neglected babies.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-28 17-18-40-49

Trean (3), holding Amulius (4), Shell (3) holding Aetius (4)


4 thoughts on “Roman Round 3: Dusk 2

  1. *waves madly* I found my way over at last yay! *self applause* your pictures are gorgeous btw what’s the problem?! =_= ….*tapping fingers* XD LoL

    I LOVE your little pleb houses! They may find their way *cough stolen cough* into my game… when I get around to its roman future…>_> could be a while… I just lost the first season of my new neanderthals with a n00b mistake I made installing the new ultimate collection… but YA KNOW I digress *throws that problem out*

    I seriously want to walk around your roman era and hang out with your sims they are so having a ball, and Trean is gorgeous! *__* if he goes missing and somehow APPEARS in my general direction I have NO IDEA how that happened! HONEST!

    I need to catch up properly…>_> pretty sure any females close to that boy would hunt me down for colosseum slaughter fun! (know thy enemy!)

    Maybe they secretly like chargrilled spaghetti? =/

    I’ll be back! ^_^

    • Thanks πŸ™‚

      The problem was actually with me using wordpress rather than the camera lol.
      Feel free πŸ™‚ I know I took a lot of inspiration (completely ripped off) the design for your Patrician houses from Tempus Temporis lol.

      Sorry to hear about your challenge :/ the main reason I haven’t installed UC myself is fear of it stuffing up or having to sort through my DL folder to update all the mods *shudders*

  2. *is all about the sharing* πŸ˜€

    Awesome. Good to hear you’re all sorted!

    Yeah um “stupid here” didn’t really think that UC was the game itself and not just installing the latest expansion, and though I had a back up I then put it back in at the wrong time and then discovering my error had to end up uninstalling everything and…>_> forgot to save the back up again… *idiot* BUT thankfully was on the new computer and not my precious old one where all my Roman era sims are still safe and sound (in their corrupted neighbourhood).

    I did read after that it’s actually pretty simple to add save files to the newly installed game =/ yay… mods though require patience, I put old versions in and it was okay for a while until I realised my sims weren’t aging XD immortality yay! I updated them – all good now.

  3. I thought the same thing for awhile so you’re definitely not the only one πŸ™‚

    I don’t even know half the mods that would need updating I’m sure lol. Glad to hear you got it all worked out in the end though.

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