Roman Round 3: Dusk

snapshot_6028d12f_60aefa17To start the round Dreda Harmon moved in.


Attempts to get her and Talon acquainted before the wedding went sour. My favorite thing about teen-adult weddings is there’s no prospect of one partner getting murdered by their spouse on their wedding night. In this attempt I’ve been lucky but it has happened to me a few times in the past.



It was a lovely ceremony with no inappropriateness.

snapshot_6028d12f_20aef82fItan’s wondering what the big deal is.


Their relationship took a lot of work.




But they soon got along better. Notice how Dreda had a crush on him from the first night.snapshot_6028d12f_00aef9eesnapshot_6028d12f_60aef9f8snapshot_6028d12f_e0aef9ffThey adopted the grumpy, evil but adorable bonkers.


See? Adorable.

snapshot_6028d12f_80aefaf9The family’s servant Iovis aged into a knowledge teen.

snapshot_6028d12f_80aeff41Here’s his makeover.


He’s not entirely appropriate now that he’s a teenager.

snapshot_6028d12f_20aefeed He and Dreda made friends quickly.

snapshot_6028d12f_e0aeff87The next day Dreda grew into an adult.


She didn’t change much.


Her birthday did mean she and Talon could start trying for a baby properly. (Dreda was too close to her birthday to have a baby without delaying her birthday and messing up her age)

snapshot_6028d12f_60af08dcTalon lost his job 😦 but he had a new one within hours so no harm done.

snapshot_6028d12f_60af0c56Soon Dreda discovered she was expecting.

snapshot_6028d12f_40af0b2dsnapshot_6028d12f_40af0d15But this didn’t stop her bathroom piracy. She nearly killed herself the amount of time she spent doing this.


Kani grew up 😦 she’s always been one of my favorites but it looks like she won’t be around for too much longer. Generation two is getting old.  Notice her revealing outfit and Iovis’ perviness.


She’s still very pretty.


Bonkers also had a birthday.

snapshot_6028d12f_e0af0008Talon finally returned his wife’s feelings.


Soon Dreda went into labour.


She had a beautiful boy.


“Sweetie I need you to hold him for a minute.”


snapshot_6028d12f_60af0e50Dreda had another son. snapshot_6028d12f_c0af0e9fEnnius and Aulus

snapshot_6028d12f_e0af0fabStanding: Talon (3) holding Ennius (4), Dreda (3) holding Aulus (4)

Sitting: Iovis (4), Kani (2)

Not pictured: Bonkers (1)


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