Roman Round 3: Harmon

We’re finally onto round 3! I played this round awhile ago so updates may be a bit sparse for awhile.


First things first, remember Feather Dusk? Blaze Harmon’s long time sweetheart? I finally remembered to move her and her son, Marinus, in so she and Blaze can have their long awaited wedding.

snapshot_9f89206e_80adf012snapshot_9f89206e_c0adf01dLook they actually got engaged properly 🙂 Aren’t they cute.


Wedding time. Notice the half naked Trean and the out of era guy whose name escapes me.



And so Feather Dusk became Feather Harmon, wife of the future emperor. I also changed Marinus’ name. I haven’t decided if he will have a chance at being emperor after Blaze or not. I guess it will depend on how well he gets along with his father.

snapshot_9f89206e_80ae0155Emperor or not murdering/being murdered by your sister in law may not be the best way to start your marriage. I’m actually surprised these two haven’t killed each other yet.



Little Pelagia, the family’s servant grew up. She became a Romance/Knowledge sim.


snapshot_9f89206e_80aec5aasnapshot_9f89206e_c0adf3cdsnapshot_9f89206e_c0ae08c9Immediately after her make-over she was expected to take over all the teen and up jobs in the house.


I didn’t quite expect this level of realism in my game….

snapshot_9f89206e_00adf537snapshot_9f89206e_40adf543snapshot_9f89206e_a0adf52cPelagia did find time to indulge her romance aspiration. This is Tiok Accardo, one of the few sims she isn’t related to.


Marinus and Romius quickly made friends.

snapshot_9f89206e_c0ae03e0Flora discovered she was expecting a late baby.

snapshot_9f89206e_e0ae032cMeanwhile Blaze grew up. He’s the fourth of Flora’s ten children to reach adulthood.


Here he is after his makeover.

snapshot_9f89206e_60ae0aacFeather discovered she too was expecting a baby.

snapshot_9f89206e_c0ae05b7Pelagia: “There’s definitely a baby in there!”


snapshot_9f89206e_20ae07ffRominus grew into a romance/family sim.

snapshot_9f89206e_60ae089fHe isn’t pretty even after a makeover. That Wynn nose isn’t kind.

snapshot_9f89206e_20ae0902Flora decided to defy convention and have a kitchen rather than a bathroom birth.

snapshot_9f89206e_40ae092bAnd no-one’s thoughts were on Flora.

snapshot_9f89206e_80ae0964Meet Iovita, 11th child, 8th daughter of Solar and Flora.

snapshot_9f89206e_40ae0a86Here she is all made over.


2nd bump!


And apparantly nothing happened until Caelinus was born.


He’s the red baby.


Iovita was soon a toddler.


Isn’t she cute?


Back: Flora (2), Feather (3) holding Caelinus (4), Blaze (3), Daedra (2) holding Iovita (3), Solar (2)

Front: Nexa (3), Rominus (3), Marinus (3), Pelagia (4)

Yeah Daedra’s still alive.






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