Roman Round 3: Wynn 2

Like the second Dusk family the second Wynn family is an offshoot. Rather than move out separately and one of them live in the small, cramped, Plebian housing Frond and Bede Wynn decided to move out together with their betrotheds so they could get to know them before they get married at the start of next round. Both their betrotheds are too young to get married (only around 11)

First up let’s introduce the family members.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-29 13-57-40-93 

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Roman Round 3: Dusk 2

This family is the second Dusk family. At the end of the era all non founder families will have their names changed but for now move-outs have the same name.

Trean Moved out with Shell Harmon so they can start a family. They’re the first of the transition class between plebians and patricians made when a patrician’s second son moves out. The third and subsequent sons if they exist will be moved into traditional plebian housing. Patricians are lucky as they may call in favors to have the houses built and furnished for their children.

The extra plebian households will have to be set up by their family. If the family can afford to set them up in the standard plebian house they will otherwise they will be set up in a smaller, cheaper lot. If they cannot afford that they will be sold into slavery or have to stay at home. A family can sell younger family members to secure a home for their older children. Subsequent children will likely get worse houses.

All slaves will have the same living conditions.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-26 12-37-59-21

So this is the house. It’s far better than the traditional plebian house but not quite as luxurious as the patrician housing.

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Roman Round 3: Wynn

Ok so a word of warning this update is looong and some of the pictures are kind of shoddy but I did start using a picture taking program so the pictures are bound to get better. Please excuse the pause lines in the first few pictures.

Sims2EP7 2014-08-16 13-19-37-88

The Wynn family despite being the third richest family couldn’t find the money to pay their bills at the start of this round.

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Roman Round 3: Dusk

snapshot_6028d12f_60aefa17To start the round Dreda Harmon moved in.


Attempts to get her and Talon acquainted before the wedding went sour. My favorite thing about teen-adult weddings is there’s no prospect of one partner getting murdered by their spouse on their wedding night. In this attempt I’ve been lucky but it has happened to me a few times in the past.

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