Roman Round 2: Moran


Fira was heavily pregnant at the start of the season. The baby is her deceased husband Jax Moran’s. Jax was the older brother to Syd who will be marrying Fira when he comes of age. Yes I know it is weird and stuff but Syd is the only surviving direct descended of the original Morans he needs to be married and fast.


Opened at dawn every day this season.

In my game at least the shop keepers have the potential to make the most money but they also have to work for it if I’m not using aspiration rewards.

I have several rules to make running the shop more interesting. The shop has to be open by the time the school bus arrives and can’t close until it gets dark at night, four days a season. Generally my sims work in shifts. With the older (non-pregnant) teens and adults working while the younger teens are at school. When the teens get home the adults eat while the teens take over. My Plebians have to buy houses for spares to move into (other classes don’t) and also have to pay the emperor $1000 every season.





Everyone likes being on sales.




And dreads being the cashier. Thankfully the shop isn’t too busy yet.snapshot_1f89269f_80989095

Practicing your punching not a meter from the emperor, what could possibly go wrong?snapshot_1f89269f_40989202

For some reason locked doors attract every customer to come complain at the door. Maybe it’s locked for a reason.




Sanity and this shop don’t mix apparently.


They also have a kitten named Felix.


It was Felix’s birthday on the second day of the round.


Dark kitty!


Dark kitty is super kitty!


Here’s Felix after he came outside and stopped glitching. He looks like a Siamese.



Fira decided she wanted a bathroom birth as well. Smallest room in the house, makes perfect sense to have the baby there.


She had a baby girl.



Her name is Alba.


Les’ fiance Rain came over.


I love this couple.



I don’t make a practice of allowing sims to go steady in this hood but for these two I mad an exception. Because they were low on aspiration points and they’re adorable.




Les and Syd are pretty much exact opposites. While Les gets on with absolutely everyone, Syd argues with them. Of the original families the Morans and Accardo’s lost the most children. The Morans like Syd were killed from fighting with their siblings.  The Accardos like Les died in freak accidents. Whoever said sim personality doesn’t matter never played this challenge.



It’s Alba’s birthday!


Here she is after her makeover.



This is the first thing she did. The cutie.



With the garden grown everyone got sparkly food.


Even Felix.


Felix might be a glitchy handful.


But the family loves their kitty.


It isn’t only with the fishers that the puddle splashing continues. The Morans also practice weird compliments


Congratulations on having no education!


Congratulations on having an affair that almost got you killed! In Syd’s defense the affair in question did create Les so maybe he’s thanking her for his best friend?


Someone actually being potty trained? The horror.


Syd doesn’t look too upset about marrying Fira sometime next round.


Standing: Les (3), Luna (2) holding Alba (4), Fira (3), Syd (3)

Not pictured: Felix (1)


2 thoughts on “Roman Round 2: Moran

  1. This was an awesome round. “Dark Kitty… Super Kitty!” XD loved it! I like the idea of the plebs having to pay the Emperor a fee; like a royalty or something? I’m noting that down it’s a goodie! I got tired of my sims always being in the toilet (ie smallest room in house!) to have their babies- especially when they pop out twins and everyone wants to come watch, right?! I had a family get stuck for hours “Oh look another baby, I’ll just put this one down here in the only space between me and the door, and then when some other sim tries to kick me out coz they’re busting to use the loo I will complain bitterly that I can’t get out!” XD So now I make sure to have them otherwise occupied when their time is getting near. *is almost a year behind* I’m playing catch-up today ^_^

  2. *Cringes at old writing* I couldn’t resist with the superman pose he’s got going on there. I completely forgot I used to have the plebs pay a fee…. I’m pretty sure I forgot mid way through a round as well. Oh well I’ll pick it back up next round.

    Twins in a tiny bathroom? Pfft try quads in a 2 x 2 bathroom. That’s happened to me a few times and I just quit without saving and reenter with time to move the mother. I never want to see such horror and stinky sims again. I don’t know what it is about bathrooms and babies…. I need to start keeping an eye on my nearly due sims although *touches wood furiously* they haven’t been so bad with the whole having multiples in the most inconvenient possible place thing lately *touches wood once more just in case* and I would rather like it to stay that way.

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