Roman Round 2: Wynn

snapshot_bf8924da_c096123dFirst things first, Fini Dusk moved in to marry Itan Wynn.

While I’ve decided Frond is heir to this family (since his aunt, uncle and cousin only moved in to care for him as a child) he’s proving hard to marry off  so unless I bring him in a CAS sim to marry the household will be going to the children of Fini and Itan.


The whole Dusk family was teleported uh I mean invited over for the wedding. snapshot_bf8924da_c09613ff

Dreda Harmon: Oh I just love weddings don’t you

Trean Dusk: Me two, they’re just so pretty-

Guys you’re missing the wedding to talk about how great weddings are….




Note Dreda and Trean still talking way at the back.snapshot_bf8924da_4096147dThey even splurged on a cake.

There was some post wedding fun as well.


Talon stuck around after the wedding and decided to crash in his half eaten plate of spaghetti.

snapshot_bf8924da_20962ce6Here he is the next morning.


And here he is deciding to leave two nights later.

snapshot_bf8924da_40962ea6Meanwhile their dog, Aqua grew up.


Fini discovered she was pregnant sometime during her brother’s extended stay.


A bedtime story about a shiny modern toilet. Really game?snapshot_bf8924da_009635d5Frond works in Law, Atan in law enforcement and Itan in architecture.


Bede and Lixa grew into teens. Note Bede’s weight, he’s the first fat sim in this hood. A historic moment.


Note the pileup on the stais. Sometimes I wish sims had better routing but then where would the fun in life come from?

snapshot_bf8924da_c0963ad9Here he is after his makeover. He’s a knowledge sim with a secondary aspiration of family.


Lixa isn’t the prettiest sim in my game but she’s looks interesting.snapshot_bf8924da_60963b14Here she is all made over. She’s a family sim with knowledge as a secondary aspiration. And no that wasn’t deliberate, both aspirations were random.snapshot_bf8924da_c0963bacLate that night, Fini gave birth to Theodora.


Here she is after a clothes change (I loooooove the buyable baby clothes) She’s a good mix of both her parents. She has her father’s eyes and her mother’s hair and a skin tone in between them.

snapshot_bf8924da_a0963d85Early the next morning Fini aged. (She was supposed to age with the twins but she was pregnant).

snapshot_bf8924da_c0963dedHere she is after her makeover.

This pretty much sums up Frond’s activities as a teen. Bathroom piracy and throwing tantrums.

snapshot_bf8924da_a0963e39Soon he grew into an adult.


He didn’t really change at all after his makeover.


Frond took a liking to Kani (his cousin’s mother in law and lover) and tried to have his first kiss with her. No wonder he had such a bad teenhood, a romance sim having his first kiss after his birthday? Sad.snapshot_bf8924da_60963f36His rejection sent him plummeting further into aspiration failure.

snapshot_bf8924da_80964061Here is the family photo. Hmm just realized I took no photos of Atan and Ira. Oh well.

Back: Atan (2), Ira (2), Frond (3), Fini (3)

Front: Bede (3), Lixa (3) holding Theodora (4), Itan (3)


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