Roman Round 2: Crespo


First up, Pebbles went into labor.

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Roman Round 2: Moran


Fira was heavily pregnant at the start of the season. The baby is her deceased husband Jax Moran’s. Jax was the older brother to Syd who will be marrying Fira when he comes of age. Yes I know it is weird and stuff but Syd is the only surviving direct descended of the original Morans he needs to be married and fast.

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Roman Round 2: Fisher

This has to be one of my least favorite households to play. They have too many sims and their household takes ages to play. Next round I’ll be moving a lot of the spare sims to another lot.


The house is really cramped. Even though they have three extra beds and an extra sofa it’s hard to get everyone a full night’s sleep. If multiples are born into this family it may just be the end of my sanity.

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Roman Round 2: Wynn

snapshot_bf8924da_c096123dFirst things first, Fini Dusk moved in to marry Itan Wynn.

While I’ve decided Frond is heir to this family (since his aunt, uncle and cousin only moved in to care for him as a child) he’s proving hard to marry off  so unless I bring him in a CAS sim to marry the household will be going to the children of Fini and Itan.

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