Roman Round 2: Dusk

Fini, the second youngest daughter left at the start of this round to marry the patrician Itan Wynn. Her older sister, Feather, was set to marry Blaze Harmon (the emperor’s heir) but I forgot to move her out before playing the Harmons.


One of Kani’s grandchildren, Iovis moved in as a live in servant.



Rain really doesn’t like Itan, her sister’s betrothed. They had about five slap fests over the course of the round.


Kani got along a lot better with her daughter’s future husband.




Feather gave birth to Marinus, the son of her betrothed and possibly a future emperor. Illegitimate children (especially when the parents would be married if not for an oversight of mine) are no different from legitimate kids in my game.



Feather and Talon both age into adults. Talon doesn’t have any kids yet which is I think a first in this hood.


Feather after a makeover.


And Talon as he heads home from work. *Gasp* someone in my game actually got a job. He’s in adventure and despite only working two days this round he got promoted twice.


Marinus also aged.


Here he is after a makeover.



None of them can really cook so everything they eat is burned to some degree.snapshot_6028d12f_c095df02

In some ways it’s harder to keep them happy and well fed now, without the sparkly fish even though they can eat whenever they like.


Talon and Feather are about the only two sims in my game who can toss the football without trying to kill one another.


See what I mean…


Even with all his expensive toys Marinus still follows his family around and acts needy.


He played with his toys about once in the whole round.


Rain and her betrothed, the plebeian Les Wynn, get along well. Too well. Between Kani’s fun with Itan, Feather continuing to sleep with her betrothed and this I was lucky to not have any more babies born this round.


Rain brought her aunt Morn home from school.Rain’s father was the eldest generation two Fisher child, Morn is the tenth.

snapshot_6028d12f_a095e0c2  snapshot_6028d12f_6095df53

Lightning loves setting that fountain, you know the one full of water on fire.


Since the family is so neat Iovis didn’t really have much to do. He did a lot of jumping on beds and ballet.


Iovis’ only friend in the family is Rain, he’s going to be lonely when she moves out.


Marinus aged up on the last night of the round.


Back: Talon (3), Trean (3)

Sofa: Feather (3), Kani (2), Rain (3)

Front: Iovis Crespo (4), Marinus (4)

Next round Dreda Harmon, Talon’s betrothed will be moving in. His sisters will both be moving out to marry at the start of the next round, Feather to Blaze Harmon (Emperor’s son) and Rain to Les Wynn (Plebian).


2 thoughts on “Roman Round 2: Dusk

  1. Am I just trying to make trouble by thinking there’s some underlying tension between Rain and Itan they’re trying to ignore?! XD And then the mum jumps in …*lmao* sims… *shaking head*

    I was so excited for jobs when the roman times finally came around! And I had actually forgotten how LONG it takes them to eat, and how OFTEN they have to eat to get full when super awesome fish isn’t involved. On the one hand it keeps them out of trouble while I’m trying to deal with other sims, but when nothing else is going on or there are no other sims it’s rather dull.

    AH! I see Trean before he ages into adult! Boy was I missing out XD Don’t kill him off anytime soon okay I’ll be traumatised! XD

    • Hmm I played that round awhile ago but to the best of my knowledge they had any real history before then. I didn’t see that coming at all.

      I love having sims actually leave the lots it’s so nice after babysitting everyone 24/7 for so long.

      I hear you on the sparkly food front.

      I don’t plan on killing him off I promise. But *looks at 60% death rate* that doesn’t guarantee anything sadly. However he gets along quite well with everyone so he’s got a decent chance at least.

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