Roman Round 2: Dusk

Fini, the second youngest daughter left at the start of this round to marry the patrician Itan Wynn. Her older sister, Feather, was set to marry Blaze Harmon (the emperor’s heir) but I forgot to move her out before playing the Harmons.


One of Kani’s grandchildren, Iovis moved in as a live in servant.

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Harmon Again

The images in the last post didn’t work so I’ll try and fix it but in the mean time here is the family picture.

The images aren’t working. I’ll just put the family picture in and try work it out later.


Back: Solar (2), Flora (2), Daedra (2)

Middle: Shell (3), Nexa (3), Dreda (3)

Front: Rominus (3), Blaze (3), Pelagia (4), Aello (1)