Roman Round 2: Harmon

The rules say that the patrician and emperor families should have live in servants to clean etc. So I moved in the neatest and most active slave children into my richest households. They’ll continue working in these households until they’re married, so not before they’re teens with less than 10 days to adult. So I moved in Pelagia Crespo (her mother is Solar & Flora’s eldest daughter).

Don’t feel too bad for her she actually likes cleaning.

Flora set to teaching Rominus the last of his toddler skills. And what was his first word?

Highchair. Blue shiny plastic high chair that won’t exist for a thousand years. Really game?

I love the nursery rhyme animation. So cute.

The Wynn family came over and Atan spent the whole time standing in the doorway and plotting murder standing there perfectly innocently. This soon after the neanderthal era all everyone talks about in my game is nature.

Meanwhile Oak Accardo walked straight into the house and kissed Dreda. They didn’t know each other from a bar of soap and they’re not related. (Or is he married to her sister…)

Everyone had low aspiration and a few sims wanted a puppy so they adopted a puppy named Aello. I thought I took more pictures of her puppy stage…

They also have a wormrat named Rattus.

The family takes the time to dote on their youngest.