Meet the Fisher Family

The Fisher family had a very difficult go of it in the Neanderthal era. After the second season of the neanderthal era only two members of the family were still alive, widower Dan Fisher and his child son Night. As time went on Dan remarried twice more and lost his second wife as well. After Dan died his grandson Kanan and his wife moved in to help Dan’s widow care for her children. This Fisher family are plebeians.


Back: Kanan(3), Sandy(3), Amaia(2) holding Longina(4)

Middle: Vita(4) with Dovey, Lucia(4), Dan(3)

Sitting: Damaia(3), Morn(3), Daye(3)

Daye is the daughter of Dan and his second wife.

The Fisher family lives and runs their shop in this house.



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